Polygon Bridge, Swap & Farm

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Getting Gas for Polygon

Once you bridge, you’ll need gas to make any transactions (just like if you were to make transactions on Ethereum). Polygon uses MATIC for gas fees. So for now, stay on Ethereum and swap some of your ETH for MATIC.

Note: You’ll need to always keep some MATIC in your wallet to swap tokens, mint, and play Cyber Stadium.

Beginning to Bridge

Now that you have MATIC, let’s swap it over to Polygon. We use Umbria Bridge for quick, reliable bridging from Ethereum to Polygon. You’re welcome to use other bridges, though it’s important to note that not all bridges are as fast as others, and some may not allow you to bridge MATIC, meaning you’ll have to find a faucet to get MATIC for transactions on Polygon.

Note: You can also bridge USDC from Ethereum to Polygon, reducing the need to swap MATIC for USDC in the next step. This guide assumes that you do not have USDC.

At this point, you’ll need to wait a little bit (depending on how fast you sent your transactions through), but once you get a pop-up stating that the bridge is complete, you’ll be good to go to the next step.

Switching Networks

Now that you have your funds on Polygon, you’ll need to make sure you switch networks to Polygon.

Note: If you don’t have Polygon as an option in your wallet, head to Polygonscan and scroll to the bottom to click the “Add Polygon Network” MetaMask button. This will automatically add Polygon to your wallet interface.

Once you’ve bridge to Polygon, you should also be connected to Polygon Network. In case you aren’t, or if you need to swap back and forth between networks later, all you need to do is go to your MetaMask widget and open the drop down menu at the top with the name of the network you’re on, and swap it to the network you want to switch to.

Mint Funds

Finally, if you don’t have USDC on Polygon, you can either bridge USDC from Ethereum to Polygon, or you can swap some of your tokens on Polygon for USDC on Polygon.

Each Cyber Stadium mint is 100 USDC, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough USDC for every mint you are allow listed for and want to mint.

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